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VMware View Client for Mac Adds USB Support

The VMware View Client for Mac 1.7 now allows you to redirect your locally attached USB devices from the local Mac to your View desktop. You can now copy a file to a thumb flash drive, save a picture from a camera or print a document to your local printer, all from your View desktop.

To start, you just need to turn on USB services the first time, by selecting “Start remote desktop USB services” from the USB drop down. From then on, your attached USB devices will be listed in the USB drop down.

You can only use a device in one system at a time, either the local Mac or the remote desktop. However, it is easy to move a device between the two systems, using the drop down menu in the View Client. Note: When you add a device to the virtual machine, you may have to install the Windows drivers for the device.

To use this feature, your View administrator must have USB enabled for your View desktop. It is also possible to configure the client system to specify which USB devices can be redirected to a View desktop or to exclude devices.

Most USB devices will be visible in the menu, with the exception of devices such as keyboards and pointing devices, which the local computer and the View desktop already share. Note: webcams and audio device functionality depends on the state of your network and are not reliable in the View desktop.

We are excited to add USB redirection to the VMware View Client for Mac. Go here to download the client.