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Tera2 Zero Clients are now VMware Ready Certified

View customers who are looking to push the PCoIP® performance envelope will have been excited by Teradici’s announcement earlier this year on the new Tera2 zero client chipset: up to 5x the performance of the Tera1 clients, dual or quad display capabilities, while benefiting from greater than 50% lower bandwidth usage and lower power consumption.

VMware’s certification team has been hard at work checking out the new Tera2 zero clients, and we now have VMware Ready clients from the following partners:

  • Del Wyse
  • HP
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • EVGA
  • 10ZiG
  • IO Corp
  • Leadtek

As a View customer, this means that you now have a plethora of form factors, multi-monitor options, and price points to choose from for your high performance PCoIP Zero client needs.

4 thoughts on “Tera2 Zero Clients are now VMware Ready Certified

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  2. Brian

    have any of these hit hte market yet? i can find mention of samsung’s NC241 but nowhere that is really selling it yet. looking forward to upgrading

  3. Ben Chong Post author

    @Brian, Tera2 zero clients from HP and Wyse can be ordered. Google for t310, p25 or p45. I am pretty sure that models from the other vendors are also available for immediate order.

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