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Avaya Extends Unified Communications to VMware View Desktops

Tony Huynh

Author: Tony Huynh

Tony works on the Horizon product management team and is responsible for Horizon platform and infrastructure services.

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By: Tony Huynh. Sr. Product Manager, VMware End User Computing

VMware is excited to announce that as part of the Avaya R1 Release, Avaya has added support for rich Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) using Avaya one-X communicator with VMware View desktops.

To enable enterprise-grade UC with Avaya one-X communicator on VDI desktops, Avaya implemented a new plugin that performs media signaling and media processing  – Avaya VDI communicator.  Avaya VDI communicator runs on the client endpoint and offloads all the media processing of VoIP packets from the datacenter server to the endpoint.  When Avaya VDI communicator is deployed with VMware View, customers get a highly scalable VDI and UC solution, with point-to-point media delivery and quality-of-service (QoS) support for VoIP.  Customers also get the added benefit of business continuity with Avaya VDI communicator – if IP connectivity to the datacenter is lost or the datacenter server goes down, a local “Session Down UI” acts as a local softphone and allows calls to be placed and received.

Figure 1 – High Level Architecture diagram of Avaya VDI communicator, Avaya one-X communicator running with VMware View

By combining UC with VDI, organizations can reduce costs while providing their employees access to rich communication and collaboration capabilities.  Employees are able to use their existing client devices to not only access their virtual desktops, but also place VoIP calls, thereby eliminating the need for a desktop phone.  Additionally, UC applications allow employees to stay connected and productive, even when they are working in geographically dispersed regions.

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