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Finally! View 5.1 now supports a newly patched vSphere 5.1

It’s been killing me!  As you’re no doubt aware, VMware vSphere 5.1 came out several weeks back and everyone’s been asking “where the heck is View support for this thing?”  It’s quite frustrating to have two great products and have to hold back.

Well, the wait is finally over!  Last night, the vSphere team released an important patch for ESXi:


VMware now officially supports running View 5.1 or 5.1.1 on vSphere 5.1 with this patch.  Yay!  Looking ahead, there are exciting new capabilities of vSphere 5.1 like enhanced storage efficiency, enhanced 3D graphics and Windows 8 guest OS support that you can look forward to View leveraging in future releases.  We’ll keep the good stuff coming!

Thanks again for your patience with 5.1 compatibility while we did what we needed to do to ensure the high quality experience you expect from VMware.  Happy upgrading!

Robert Baesman – Director of Product Management, End User Computing

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