Contact Centers Get a Boost with Cisco VXI 2.6 and VMware View

Oct 1, 2012


Sr. Product Marketing Manager, VMware

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It may be no surprise to you that over 30% of customers dealing with contact centers experience poor customer service (Forrester). Many of us have had to deal with the challenges of legacy call centers with long wait times, dropped calls and an endless tirade of prompts before we actually get to a live agent.

Cisco as the industry leader in innovative call center solutions, is transforming the agent desktop to deliver greater efficiency, agility and customer service. Cisco and VMware are partnering to take the agent desktop into the age of the unified workspace.

Just released this weekCisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) Smart Solution 2.6 with VMware View enables contact centers to deploy a simplified, secure desktop that ensures agents can securely access their applications faster—and you can get the customer service experience you need. With the VXI Smart Solution, Cisco has integrated critical voice infrastructure features like intelligent call routing and a CTI interface with virtual desktops to support better customer service, enhanced automation and faster agent response times. VXI 2.6 with VMware View provides an enterprise-grade platform for addressing the rapidly growing adoption of business process outsourcing (BPO) for key enterprise functions such as IT, Finance, and HR.

Worth noting – VXI 2.6 Smart Solution with VMware View 5.1 leverages VMware’s Storage Accelerator to reduce storage loads generated by peak VDI storage reads and provides an intelligent way of caching common blocks of desktop images into local host memory. Why is this important? Because this improves the desktop performance of agents especially when they are all trying to log into their desktops at the same time (think 8am on a Monday morning!) or when IT decides to run an anti-virus scan across all of those machines.

Bottomline, the combination of VMware View with the VXI 2.6 Smart Solution enables BPO environments to reduce storage, save costs and provides agents with a better desktop so that they can support customers with the services that they need-when they need them, with an uncompromised user experience.

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