Breaking the Shackles of Legacy Infrastructure in the Branch Office

Oct 17, 2012
Louis Cheng


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By Steven Poitras, Solution Architect at Nutanix, Inc.

Today’s distributed businesses rely extensively on branch offices for selling to, servicing and satisfying new and existing customers. Yet far too many of these remote locations remain hamstrung by legacy infrastructure, ultimately impacting the ability of the business to grow revenue and profits.

Virtual desktop deployments in branch offices have been particularly problematic, plagued by challenges including complexity, poor performance, inconsistent performance, high costs and manageability issues. Nutanix and VMware have partnered to deliver a simple, easy-to-manage Branch Office Desktop (BOD) solution that addresses these challenges, allowing branch offices to reach their full potential.

BOD in a Box

This all-in-one solution delivers amazing performance and unparalleled density with 400 virtual desktops supported by every 2U Nutanix Block. The completely modular design – including four highly available nodes per 2U Block – offers solid reliability and enables gradual scaling in 100-desktop increments. VMware View simplifies management and increases security and control, while VMware Mirage delivers image management and disaster recovery. As a complete BOD in a box, extending the solution to other branch offices is seamless, fast and easy. Please see Figure 1 below.

Nutanix and VMware BOD Solutions

Figure 1 – Nutanix and VMware BOD Solution

Each Nutanix Block uses a SAN-free architecture with three tiers of locally attached storage including PCIe-Flash, solid state disks (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD). This converged approach to compute and data delivers the best of both worlds: local bus speed performance to virtualized desktops with all the benefits of globally available shared storage.


The Nutanix architecture also enables proximity-aware data placement and hot & cold data tiering. Nutanix Blocks place the most frequently accessed data on the same host as the corresponding desktop VMs and compress cold data on conventional high-capacity spinning disks, maximizing the unique performance and cost advantages of each type of storage medium. Each new user – from the 1st to the 400th – experiences the same high-speed, low-latency performance.

The Nutanix and VMware Branch Office Desktop Solution Brief offers performance data showing consistent application response times as the solution scales.  Click here to learn more: LINK

Empowering the Branch Office

The Nutanix and VMware BOD solution is a simple, scalable, converged platform that releases the shackles of legacy infrastructure and empowers branch office workers to achieve their full potential. Just rack, stack and cable and your site is up and running in just 30 minutes.  Each branch location can start small and then grow at its own rate by adding more blocks – all while taking advantage of 40-60% CAPEX savings over traditional solutions.

This VMware certified solution also goes beyond virtual desktops to support other site services and workloads. Everything from production Exchange deployments to big data applications based on Hadoop can run together with virtualized servers and desktops. This means each branch office can achieve standardization, consolidation, ease of management and scale – all with a single platform.

Is your branch office ready to be set free? Contact us at sales@nutanix.comto learn more.

To learn more about how else Nutanix and VMware can meet your needs, please visit and follow us on Twitter @Nutanix.

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