VMware View Client 1.6 for iOS and Android Now Available!

Sep 26, 2012


Pat Lee is the Senior Director, Remote Experience for VMware Desktop and Application products. The Remote Experience team is responsible for 3D graphics, remote display protocols, remote device access, desktop clients, thin clients, web clients, and mobile clients.

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by Pat Lee Director, End User Clients & Michael Shen Product Manager, Mobile Clients

We are very excited to release our latest VMware View Clients for iOS and Android.

Now Supports the iPhone Including the iPhone 5!

You can now connect to your VMware View desktop from your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5 in addition to your iPad. With a user experience optimized for the iPhone, including the latest iPhone 5, you can easily work with the VMware View client with just one hand.

iPhone Client Optimized Menus

Need to check a meeting location or a sales report and don’t have your laptop? No problem, just pull out your iPhone and easily connect to your VMware View desktop. The iOS VMware View client gives you immediate mobile access to your View desktop any time, anywhere.

Presentation Mode on the iPhone

Forget lugging a heavy laptop to a meeting for a presentation, just use the VMware View client to make any last minute edits to your presentation and connect your iPhone to the projector.

Our unique Presentation Mode makes the iPhone screen into a controller for your presentation while displaying the presentation on an external monitor or wirelessly to your AppleTV using AirPlay.

iPhone Client Presentation Mode

Ready for iOS 6 and Retina Displays

The new VMware View client works well on iOS 6 and it looks even better with updated artwork for the new iPad with Retina display.

What’s New in the VMware View Client for Android

The new Android client works with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, the latest Android releases. Upgrade your Android devices to Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean confident that you can seamlessly connect to your VMware View desktop.

Android Client Running Jelly Bean

Easier to Login with Integrated RSA Soft Token

The new Android client now features RSA soft token integration, which greatly simplifies the log in process. You no longer need to switch between a separate RSA app and the View Client. Simply import the RSA token and authenticate with your PIN.

Go Directly to Your View Desktop from the Android Home Screen

Tired of launching the client for a specific View desktop? No problem, you can put shortcuts to your favorite View desktops right on your Android home screen.

View Desktop Shortcut on Samsung Galaxy SIII

Download the New Clients Today

We are excited to release our latest iOS and Android clients for VMware View. The new clients are available today from the iOS App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore for Android.

We hope you enjoy the new mobile VMware View Clients for iOS and Android!


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