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Simplifying the Move to VDI for Business Process Outsourcers

Sreekanth Kannan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, VMware

Chris Howard and co. at Gartner recently published an article on the benefits of hosted virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for companies looking to offshore or outsource processes. Until recently, many BPO IT organizations have resisted the move to VDI. This has been largely due to the fact that they don’t know what they don’t know. And many BPO organizations have had questions around how to design for agentless security, how SLAs are impacted by the move to centralized management, how they can best scale out their deployments across sites and how they can build the business case to justify the move.

VMware recently announced the new Business Process Desktop solution that is designed to help outsourcers leverage desktop virtualization to simplify desktop management, enhance data security and provide high SLAs across multiple locations. Now VMware has also come up with a comprehensive on-demand training series to help outsourcers answer the many questions they have around making the move to VDI with this solution. This “bootcamp training series” includes 10 on-demand sessions that walk outsourcers through everything from design considerations for the business process desktop, to storage best practices, UC integration and optimization and best practices for data backup and recovery.

With deep-dive sessions from VMware experts as well as solution architects from Cisco, EMC and Mitel more–this FREE training series will kick off on September 24th-with one session being released per day. To watch these sessions be sure to visit here. Participants can also register for a free e-book which is a collection of all of the material presented during the session.

For more information on the VMware View Business Process Desktop-check out our web page or watch the BPD whiteboard video.

For additional VMware View bootcamp sessions and vSphere -be sure to check the VMware communities homepage.