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VMworld 2012: Find your Mobile Secure Desktop Quotient

By Lee Caswell, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Pivot3

Check out the New Mobile Secure Desktop RA from Pivot3 to find out

What could be more fascinating than you?  Are you the absent-minded tablet developer looking for your device in the airport?  Or the road warrior who downloaded twenty-two action games over an unsecured Internet café connection?  Do you have so many devices that you match them to the pocket size of your pants?

Take our non-scientifically-developed personality quiz below to determine your Mobile Secure Desktop Quotient (MSDQ) and then see how Pivot3 has solved for your specific needs with the all-new Pivot3 Reference Architecture co-authored by Greg Pellegrino of Pivot3 and Triston Todd of Vmware.

VDI Personality Quiz

  1. Do you routinely login from different locations or from different devices?
  2. Do you have print settings that change based on where you work?
  3. Is your data sensitive to loss or unauthorized copying?
  4. Does your productivity matter when you call into IT for support?
  5. Do you access applications that you’d expect to run on a standard desktop?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have an MSDQ >1 which makes you a prime candidate for a Mobile Secure Desktop VDI solution using Pivot3 and VMware View.

And for the rich science behind the quiz, please do check out the new Pivot3 Reference Architecture here www.xxx.xxx, see our solution live at VMworld Booth XX, or try it live on line with our unique Test Drive.