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VMworld 2012: Offshoring and Outsourcing Made Easy with VMware View™ Business Process Desktop®

Organizations of all sizes are turning to outsourcing & offshoring to drive down costs, improve employee productivity and improve SLAs. In fact, business process outsourcing as an industry grew by 15% in the past year alone (NY times survey, 2011). But keeping up with demand while keeping costs low is challenging for IT outsourcers in a physical world for a number of reasons. First, most traditional PC environments are designed to be locally managed – not only is this costly and resource intensive, it also makes the management overhead harder to ‘move’. Secondly, any data stored locally on desktops and laptops poses a security risk for which the provider is held accountable. Finally, while most outsourcers want to centralize resources to gain economies of scale, remote access across the WAN is costly and, if sized incorrectly, can impede worker productivity and compromise SLAs.

Enter desktop virtualization, which has helped outsourcers streamline and centralize IT management, move data from local endpoints into the datacenter and provide highly available desktop services to agents and workers in remote locations. However, when it comes to desktop virtualization-there has always been one big catch: how to get virtual desktops and unified communications to work smoothly in tandem and at scale.

This is where the new VMware View Business Process Desktop comes into play.

The VMware View Business Process Desktop 

A fully validated and tested architecture, the new VMware View Business Process Desktop provides IT organizations with an end-to-end solution that supports business process outsourcing by centralizing desktop management, enhancing data security, and maximizing employee uptime.

With VMware View, The Business Process Desktop simplifies desktops and applications by moving them to the cloud and delivers them as a standardized and managed service.


Radius two-factor authentication ensures secure access to end users while vShield services allow IT to set more granular, contextual policies for outsourced employees. IT can additionally streamline and automate desktop management with VMware vCenter Operations Manager.

Perhaps most importantly, the solution integrates unified communications tools from leading vendors such as Microsoft (Lync), Cisco, Mitel and Avaya. This ensures that end users and contact center agents can access their data and applications from a VoIP softphone across multiple devices and locations, improving workforce flexibility and driving higher levels of productivity.

The Business Process Desktop is one of three desktop solutions VMware has recently announced. These new solutions including: the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop, the AlwaysOn Point of Care Desktop and the Business Process Desktop are designed to provide IT organizations with validated solutions that address specific business challenges and that more importantly provide them with a blueprint to get up and running quickly and effectively.

Find out more

Attend the upcoming VMware View Business Process Desktop Bootcamp for FREE on-demand training. These technical deep dive sessions cover everything from design considerations to leveraging unified communications and security & storage best practices.

Be sure to check out session EUC1916 at VMworld (Aug 28th 4:30pm) to find out how Toyota Financial Services is leveraging BPD in their environment today, and visit the BPD Hands On Labs on the show floor through VMworld

Learn more on the BPD webpage