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How View Beats Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft Every Time

by Cyndie Zikmund, End User Computing Technical Marketing

Check out the new competitive website from VMware End User Computing! The site is all about View’s key advantages over Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft RDS and VDI, and let’s not forget — status quo. Now there is one place to go for all your View-versus-the-other-guys information.

Have you ever been asked “Why deploy VMware View over other solutions?”

This site provides the answers. The top technical reasons as well as the top business reasons are provided in a compelling and easy to digest format. Let VMware do the work for you in communicating View’s key advantages over other leading VDI solutions. Forward the website link to your management, your colleagues or your customers.

What makes View better?

Loads of reasons. We could write a book. Instead, we made WhyChooseView.com focus on six of the most compelling reasons organizations continually choose View. Six entertaining animation videos describe the benefits of View compared to competitive offerings:

  1. Real Desktop Security: VMware View—More Secure and Easier to Manage
  2. Real Device Diversity: End User Mobility, Future-proofed, with a Clear Roadmap to the Cloud
  3. Greater Business Efficiencies Generate a Shorter Payback Period
  4. Leverage Deep vSphere Integration
  5. Superior End User Experience. Extended IT Control
  6. Enhance Citrix XenApp with VMware View & ThinApp

All backed up with customer testimonials and case examples of View’s winning ways.

But wait, there’s more.

WhyChooseView.com is not just your everyday, run-of-the-mill microsite – in fact it’s more of a Live-site.

What’s a Live-site?

Live-sites (possibly defined here for the first time 🙂 ) feature a dashboard of current live feeds from noted industry blogs, twitter feeds and Facebook postings. You can find out what’s currently trending online about the VDI market and get current, up-to-date news about VMware View. WhyChooseView.com includes feeds from VDI bloggers like Brian Madden, Simon Bramfit, industry press like Virtualization Practice, InfoWorld, and My VirtualCloud.net plus more.

Visit www.WhyChooseView.com today!