VMware Horizon

Government agencies get a ‘View’ into anywhere, anytime access

The government is not immune to the friction between demand for choices in devices and  requirement for security and control.  The variety of non-traditional devices is pushing the boundaries of the traditional four walls.

The once futuristic concept of teleworking and mobility is today’s reality. Given these challenges and opportunities organizations must imagine how the future can and will look.

Agencies need to enable alternate devices, mobility, and telework, without compromising information and systems security.  Resources are limited and budgets are shrinking so managing ‘Bring your own device (BYOD)’, geographic sprawl, and teleworking while meeting security and compliance regulations may seem a near impossible challenge.

Can the expansion of access past the four walls be controlled and managed and still encourage the workforce to produce their best results with flexibility to work where, when, and how they choose? 

Is the answer virtualization? A new solution with 75,000 hours of testing and validation in the lab was recently launched by Dell in partnership with VMware with the goal of meeting these challenges.

Desktop Virtualization Solutions for Government (DVS-Gov) was created by Dell to give IT professionals and departments the technology resources and tools to secure centralized data, increase employee productivity and flexibility, and enable faster access to information and collaboration anywhere in the world at any time.

Dell’s DVS-Gov solution integration of VMware View simplifies IT management and provides users with a rich, personalized desktop for access to data, applications and unified communications.  This means that the person you see with pictures of their cat and a lot of shortcuts to files and applications on their desktop will have no idea that anything different is going on behind the scenes. A bonus right?

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