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VMware View Client for Mac Is Ready for OS X Mountain Lion

By Pat Lee, Director of Product Management, End User Clients

It is an exciting day for Mac users now that OS X Mountain Lion is available from the Mac App Store.

One of the great new features in Mountain Lion is Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper verifies the identity of the developer of Mac software downloaded from the Internet and requires that developers sign their software to ensure that the software is not malicious and has not been tampered with.

I am happy to report that the VMware View Client 1.5 for Mac just works with Mountain Lion. It is already signed and is compatible with Gatekeeper.

For weeks, we have been testing the VMware View Client 1.5 on the OS X Mountain Lion GM seed and it works great.  Take advantage of Full Screen mode to run your View Desktop and then swipe back and forth to Mac apps as needed.


We are excited that OS X Mountain Lion is here and that our current VMware View Client for Mac is fully compatible.

You can download the current VMware View Client for Mac from the View Client downloads page.




2 thoughts on “VMware View Client for Mac Is Ready for OS X Mountain Lion

  1. Christian

    Terrific work. Would love to see a full-screen mode that isn’t Apple’s native Full Screen implementation — in other words, something akin to how Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection offers full-screen functionality (which might be more accurately called “cover the whole screen” rather than “full screen”).
    Apple’s Full Screen implementation is great, unless you have dual monitors, in which case one monitor is rendered useless. I’d use View Client exclusively if it offered a full screen option.

  2. Steve

    Agreed with the full-screen recommendation. Using Mountain Lion’s native full-screen feature with the View 5.0 client renders any multi-monitor configuration useless. The View team should take a page out of the Fusion team’s book and implement full-screen mode natively, not and not rely on the operating system.

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