VMware Horizon

ThinApp streaming in Horizon? Yes!

By Tina de Benedictis, Technical Marketing Manager, Enterprise Desktop, End-User Computing, VMware

Download mode used to be the only choice for ThinApp packages offered through VMware Horizon Application Manager. Now, with Horizon 1.5, ThinApp streaming mode is also an option.

ThinApp streaming mode is especially important for users accessing Horizon applications through VMware View stateless desktops.

How do you enable ThinApp packages for streaming mode in Horizon?

The Horizon Agent, not ThinApp, handles the enablement of ThinApp packages for streaming deployment mode in Horizon. When you install the Horizon Agent on an endpoint, the VMware Horizon Agent Configuration window allows you to select download or streaming deployment mode.


Streaming deployment mode is the default.

When you select download or streaming mode during Horizon Agent installation, it applies to all ThinApp packages for that endpoint.


If you have more questions about ThinApp streaming mode in Horizon, see VMware ThinApp virtual application streaming in Horizon Application Manager. This Knowledge Base article answers the following questions and more:

  • Do you need two different packages for each ThinApp virtualized application in Horizon, one for streaming mode and one for download mode?
  • Does the Windows file share for ThinApp packages in Horizon need to be different for streaming packages than for packages to be downloaded to endpoints?
  • Do you need to set MSIStreaming=1 for streaming of a ThinApp package in Horizon?
  • Is Horizon streaming limited to recent ThinApp packages?

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