View’s Best in Class Support Policy Just Got Even Better!

Jul 20, 2012
Robert Baesman


Robert is a Director of Product Management for End User Computing at VMware.

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Happy Birthday loyal VMware View Customers!  Well, it must be someone's birthday since the folks on the VMware View team have been working on a pretty spiffy little gift…

Effective right now, the General Support period of View's Support Lifecycle Policy has been extended to 5 years, bringing the total support lifecyle for VMware View to a whopping 7 years — an absolute best in the industry!


What's more, we're retroactively extending this policy to the View 4 release family.  So under the terms of General Support, customers can continue to receive support, patches and View 4.6.z maintenance releases up through November of 2014 — a full 5 years after View 4.0 was released.  (Yes, you can bust out the cake and candles now).

So why are we doing this when it's clear that our existing policy was already a step ahead of what you'd get with the other guys?  Well, to be honest, we get it.  Virtual Desktop Infrastructe (VDI) has become mainstream, and we see more and more enterprise customers with 10k+ seat View deployments.  With success comes great responsibily: we understand that our existing product is pretty darn good and many folks want to install it and leave it running for many years without worry.  This was a lesson VMware learned well in the datacenter space with many years of vSphere success.  So we're taking a page from vSphere's Support Lifecycle Policy; you get 5 years General Support from VMware in the datacenter space?  Let's deliver that same sort of comittment for Enterprise Desktops with VMware View too!  Of course there are some sublte differences between how vSphere handles its support and how View will move forward with this new policy, but you get the idea: we're raising the bar.

So once again, "Happy Birthday", and many years of happy VDI computing with VMware View 4, 5 and beyond!

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