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Ubiquitous Computing with Mobile Secure Desktop

By Muthu Somasundaram, Technical Marketing, End-User Computing

The introduction of smart phones and tablets has made BYOD a reality in the workplace.  Employees are increasingly relying on the new age devices to access information.  The days of employees accessing corporate information from their desk is coming to an end.   Today’s employees do not consider computing to be  destination, but want to access information from anywhere, anyplace, anytime from any device, ushering in an era of ubiquitous computing.

VMware’s Mobile Secure Desktop solution helps the IT organizations proactively identify their user’s requirements and plan the infrastructure to support the Post PC era.  Over the past few months, we have spoken to numerous customers and partners, and identified the key user profiles in every organization.  We have gathered the unique requirements of each profile and have built a solution, which encompasses VMware and ecosystem partner products, to suit the specific needs of those users.

The solution we built is modular and can suit any organization.   The solution is built on the industry leading virtualization platform, vSphere, and includes View, vShield and VCOps.  We have also included our ecosystem partner products, which cover the unique requirements of some profiles, such as location aware printing, user installed app support, extended security using two-factor authentication etc.   We have tested the solution in our labs and have also worked with our partners to make sure the right products fit into the solution seamlessly. 

With this architecture, our customers can be assured that the solution has been validated to meet their mobility, security and manageability requirements.   The detailed Validated Design Guide, which describes all the solution components can be found here.

You can find out more about the solution by attending the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop Bootcamp (Free on-demand training).  The bootcamp features 12 on-demand technical deep dive sessions which covers the deployment details of all the solution components.  The bootcamp series begins on July 16 and will feature one a day for 12 days.

You can also register on the site to receive a FREE e-book (collection of all the material that will be presented in the Bootcamp series.

For more information on the solution, please visit the VMware Mobile Secure Desktop solution website for a technical whiteboard video and Solution Brief.



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