VMware Horizon

Design Considerations and Best Practices for the Mobile Secure Desktop

By Rory Clements, Reference Architect, End User Computing

Today VMware is launching the Mobile Secure Desktop bootcamp series, and in the first session we cover design considerations and best practices for the Mobile Secure Desktop solution.

The Mobile Secure Desktop solution has been created to provide a validated blueprint for our partners and customers, and provide a reference toolkit of components to accelerate their deployments.

In creating this solution we validated all the components in the architecture in our own labs, following both our own and vendor best practice in order to mirror a production deployment as closely as possible. In design considerations we discuss the architecture and break down each of the headline elements, and take you through the solution end to end.

By the end of the first bootcamp session you should have a good understanding of the different moving parts in the Mobile Secure Desktop solution and also have insight into the wider implications in the design, specifically around directory services, security and availability.

We are leveraging several VMware technology elements in the design, such as vShield for both network security and endpoint protection. However we also used technology elements from 3rd party vendors to achieve some of the goals in the architecture, for example single-sign-on and load balancing, further sessions in the series will go into a technical deep dive of each of these components.

We also discuss areas in the design around Active Directory and deploying Public Key Infrastructure to provide enhanced security.

Where possible we have used VMware best practice and existing reference architectures, a good example of this is the VMware View design, which is based on the “VMware Reference Architecture for Stateless Virtual Desktops on Local Solid-State Storage with VMware View 5”

Partners and customers can deploy all or some of the validated components in the design, depending on the customer requirements, as the solution is based on a core set of infrastructure with further functionality layered-in as required.

The design considerations session is structured as follows;

  • Solution overview
  • Breakdown of elements
  • Load balancing and namespace services
  • vShield, App, Endpoint and Edge
  • AD configuration for PKI and Certificate Services
  • RADIUS integration
  • Persona management
  • vSphere and View configuration considerations

You can find out more about the solution by attending the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop Bootcamp (Free on-demand training).  

The bootcamp features 10 on-demand technical deep dive sessions, and each session covers the deployment details of all the solution components.  The series begins today on July 16th and we will be releasing a new bootcamp every day for 10 days!

You can also register on the site to receive a FREE e-book, which is a collection of all the material that will be presented in the bootcamp series. For more information on the solution, please visit the VMware Mobile Secure Desktop website for a technical whiteboard video and solution brief.