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Why Choose VMware vSphere for VDI

By Jia Dai, Technical Marketing Engineer

Today, Virtualization Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a key initiative for many organizations looking to reduce their administrative overhead while providing a more secure, flexible and reliable desktop computing environment for end users. A lot of planning and decision-making is required to ensure a successful deployment. Choosing the right virtualization platform to host the virtual desktop implementation is often the first challenge faced and, to a certain degree, may make or break the entire transformation. Important considerations when choosing the best VDI platform are:

  • Does the platform provide the features, reliability and high availability that meet the business requirements?
  • Is the platform reliable and proven?
  • Does the platform provide a secure foundation for all the virtual desktops?
  • Can it be standardized on the same platform as the existing server virtualization?
  • How will the choice I make today impact my future migration to a cloud environment?
  • How does the VDI platform choice impact options for a VDI solution?

Based on the above criteria, the best choice for most VDI deployments is vSphere because: 

  1. vSphere is the leading virtualization platform and provides unbeatable reliability, high availability, business continuity, and fault tolerance
  2. Customers can standardize on a common cloud infrastructure platform from the desktop through the datacenter and to the cloud
  3. VMware View and vSphere integration maximizes the benefits of the leading virtualization platform for VDI 

Read this whitepaper "Why Choose VMware vSphere for VDI?" takes a look at each of these attributes in the context of the unique needs of the VDI market.