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Getting Desktop Virtualization Right

By Vittorio Viarengo, VP of Desktop Product Marketing, VMware 

Done RightDesktop virtualization deployments are on the rise, with many organizations scaling out VDI to support thousands and tens of thousands of users. In fact, the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi in Japan recently announced that they had deployed 50,000 seats of VMware View virtual desktops.  And when done right, desktop virtualization is key to helping organizations drive higher levels of productivity, enhancing security and driving down costs.

Getting VDI deployments right however means understanding how to best architect your environment to meet your business needs and what components work well together to deliver the performance that end users require in the most cost-effective manner. And this can take time.

This is why VMware is turning desktop virtualization up a notch by introducing solutions designed to help you best architect your environment and ensure that all of the components you select work together so that you can get up and running quickly.  These solutions have been tested and validated in labs to ensure product interoperability and performance and are supported with reference architectures, tools and services from VMware and our technology partners to minimize the guesswork around VDI.

The VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop and the VMware View AlwaysOn Desktop  are the first two of four key solutions that VMware has tested and validated. These two solutions, which address specific business needs and IT requirements around the mobile workforce and the need for high availability, are both now generally available to customers to leverage in their environments.

VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop
The VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop is a fully validated architectural design that provides end users with quick and easy access to applications and data across devices, locations and networks. This solution streamlines and automates desktop management and provides IT with the ability to apply location-aware, policy driven access to corporate resources to ensure higher levels of security and compliance. The Mobile Secure Desktop leverages VMware View, vShield security services and vCOPs monitoring components. It has additionally been validated with technology and solutions from VMware partners to provide organizations with an end to end solution designed to securely support device diversity, mobile workers and BYOD initiatives.

VMware View AlwaysOn Desktop
When it comes to healthcare, financial services and government workers-many employees need high availability to applications and data. In a nutshell, the delivery of information and applications needs to be reliable, available and secure.

The VMware View AlwaysOn Desktop is designed, tested and validated to deliver 24/7 availability of critical applications to these employees. This solution uses stateless virtual desktops in an active/active configuration with constant load balancing, multi-path access and built in redundancy so end users are assured they can always access their apps and data when they need to.


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Mobile Secure Desktop
Find out more about the Mobile Secure Desktop by attending the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop Bootcamp (FREE on-demand training). This Bootcamp features 12 on-demand technical deep dive sessions and covers everything from design best practices to location aware printing.

Bootcamp begins on Monday, July 16th with one new session being pushed out daily.

You can also register on the site to receive a FREE e-book (collection of all of the material that will be presented in the Bootcamp series).

AlwaysOn Desktop Solution