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Customize the View Portal for Client Download with VMware View 5.1

By Tina de Benedictis, Technical Marketing Manager, Enterprise Desktop, End-User Computing, VMware

Did you know that in VMware View 5.1 you can customize the View Portal that users see when they log in to the View Connection Server to begin using their virtual desktop?


By default, the View Download Portal has built-in intelligence to detect the user’s browser and operating system and responds with instructions and download links matched to the client. For example, if a user connects to their View Connection Server with a Windows PC, the View Portal offers links to download the various types of Windows View Clients from the VMware.com website.

You can customize the links and link text in the View Portal for your environment. Why would you want to change the View Portal contents? By customizing the View Portal, you can:

  • Restrict users to specific client versions
  • Provide your own View Clients, such as your own Linux View Client
  • Disable downloads altogether

You can create a local download repository that is an HTTP server, place View Client installers on this local site, and allow your users to download clients even if they have no access to the VMware.com client download site.

How do you customize the View Portal? You edit one properties file for links (portal-links.properties) and another properties file for link text (portal.properties).

Try it! Go to the VMware View 5.1 Evaluator’s Guide and search for Evaluation Tasks for View 5.1 New Features, then View Client Unbundling.