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Simplified Storage Automation for VMware View

By Mason Uyeda, Director, Technical Marketing, End-User Computing

Nexenta announced the release of a purpose built virtual local storage appliance that dramatically simplifies deploying, managing, and calibrating storage for VMware View.

In Nexenta VSA for View, end users now have an application that automates the entire process of deploying VDI, and related storage, through a few simple clicks. Integrations with VMware vSphere, vCenter, and View Manager, along with local virtual storage, facilitate this automation.

With traditional storage systems, customers are required to manually calculate the required IOPS and then calibrate their storage appliance without any real-time data from their VDI infrastructure. This theoretical calibration can lead to a guessing game, often resulting in higher TCO, and added complexity. By deploying local storage on the same compute node where the VDI machines are deployed, NexentaVSA for View cuts through performance barriers that result from network constraints, storage protocol limitations, and external storage bottlenecks.

With VMware Rapid Desktop certification, customers now can obtain a turnkey solution from resellers that includes VDI (VMware View), storage (NexentaVSA for View), and the necessary hardware—all completely integrated into one solution.


Fig 1. Architecture diagram for NexentaVSA for view

About VMware’s Rapid Desktop Program 

This program enables the rapid deployment of VDI desktops on an acknowledged configuration, with pre-installed and pre-configured software, especially for the initial proof-of-concept (POC) stage. This is a simplification of process for partners who can assemble and distribute a complete VDI-in-a-box solution in short order.

Rigorous Workload Testing with View Planner

As an example, the following metrics apply to 100 floating, normal desktops deployed for this certification process.

  • Concurrent Users: 100
  • Image Size: 16 GB Windows 7 Enterprise Edition, 32 bit
  • 150 IOPS (for Boot Storm)
  • 15 IOPS, per machine, normal work load running 9 enterprise applications, performing 44 normal workday operations (i.e., email, Word docs, etc.)
  • IO Meter:
    • 100% non-sequential write operations, 45 IOPS
    • 100% non-sequential read operations, 135 IOPS
    • Quality of Service:

When running tests, for top 95 percentile, 0.0862 seconds was achieved, cutting the industry    standard (and goal) of 1.5 seconds by nearly in half.

NexentaVSA for View is certified and ready to go. For more info on VMware’s Rapid Deployment Program, please visit: http://www.nexenta.com/vsa4view.