VMware View Desktops in Healthcare: Zero Clicks from Zero Clients

Dec 6, 2011


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Doctor_Computer_VertGuest Post by James Millington, director, Product Marketing, Imprivata

Imprivata OneSign Virtual Desktop Access and VMware View virtual desktops are saving clinicians’ time by enabling No Click Access to care provider’s desktops and clinical applications. The mobility requirements of healthcare can see clinicians logging in to desktops and applications 30, 40, even 70 times every day. In an environment where every second really does count, the ability to remove the requirement to repeatedly type in usernames and passwords and do away with windows login and application start-up wait time helps clinicians see patients faster without disrupting their workflow and thought process.

Until today, the ability to take advantage of strong authentication and desktop roaming has not been available from zero client devices. The authentication requires an agent to be installed at the end point, but without an OS, there’s nowhere install the agent. Teradici Firmware 3.5.0 for PCoIP Zero Clients includes integration with Imprivata OneSign that provides a unique solution enabling full follow-me desktop and No Click Access functionality.

Now hospitals can take advantage of the management, power and cost savings of zero clients and the time savings and security benefits of Imprivata OneSign and VMware View desktops. If you already have zero clients today, just download the update, flash the firmware, plug in a card reader and you’re good to go.

Click here to see the new solution in action – No Click Access to a VMware View follow-me desktop from a Wyse P20 zero client.