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Should You Consider a Zero Client Strategy?

Cyndie Zikmund

Author: Cyndie Zikmund

Cyndie is a group product marketing manager for VMware End-User Computing.

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Posted by Cyndie Zikmund, End User Computing Technical Marketing

It seems these days that everyone is talking about lowering hardware costs at the end point. Some say they want to help companies save money while others claim major advancements in technology that allows the new offering. At VMware, we’ve known about the cost advantages of zero clients for quite some time, and, the good news is, you don’t have to wait to start realizing these benefits.

VMware View and PCoIP have been running on zero clients (as well as thin and thick clients) for a couple of years now. And by zero clients, we mean true zero clients, there isn’t an operating system (compact or otherwise) and there isn’t locally installed software.  View and PCoIP zero clients may have a bit of firmware but that’s not half as labor intensive to maintain as an operating system.

Corporations like the benefits from a zero client environment: 1) Costs less and has a smaller footprint, 2) it’s easy to maintain (doesn’t require local processing power or locally installed software), and 3) data is secure (company data is securely locked in the datacenter).

I recently published a technical whitepaper entitled: Download Top Five Considerations for Choosing a Zero Client Environment ”. It even includes real life scenarios from VMware View customers who have successfully implemented a zero client strategy. Download your copy today.

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