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New VMware View Clients for the Holidays – Mac, Linux, iPad and Android!

By Pat Lee, director, end user clients, VMware 

2 - Mac Add ServerAs we approach the holidays, the VMware View client team is pleased to release FOUR new clients to end 2011! That’s right, FOUR new clients for VMware View are here for the VMware View community:

  • Tech Preview of the View Client with PCoIP for Mac OS X
  • Tech Preview of the View Client with PCoIP for Linux
  • VMware View Client 1.3 for iPad
  • VMware View Client 1.3 for Android

View Client with PCoIP for Mac OS X
First, the VMware View Client with PCoIP for Mac OS X is here! This has been the number one request from customers all year and we are really excited by the new Mac OS X client. Built from the ground up for the Mac, it designed to give you the best possible user experience with PCoIP.

Start with a drag and drop install like you expect from all great Mac apps.

1 - Mac Drag and Drop Install

Followed by a really easy to use app that makes it simple to get up and running.

2 - Mac Add Server
Finally, with Mac OS X Lion Full Screen mode, you can seamlessly switch between Mac apps and your View virtual desktop with ease.

3 - Mac Lion Full Screen Mode

We are really excited by the VMware View Client for Mac OS X and hope you are too. To download the VMware View Client for Mac OS X and give us feedback on this tech preview, go to:


View Client with PCoIP for Linux
Next, we have a new VMware View Client with PCoIP for Linux.  Making it easy to install, it will soon be available in the Ubuntu Software Center (a little later this month). Just launch the Ubuntu Software Center and search for VMware View to download and install the VMware View client.

The new Linux client has a really simple user interface to get up and running.

4 - Linux Home Screen


5 - Linux Desktop in Full Screen

VMware View Client for iPad
The VMware View Client for iPad is now at version 1.3. We have been doing a lot of great work on the iPad this year and we close the year with a great new release that now supports up to 1080p video out.

Combine the new 1080p video out feature with the Presentation Mode feature we introduced in the 1.2 client and you can connect your iPad to your TV and get a 1920×1080 Windows desktop right in your living room.  Check out what I did the last night with my TV!

6 - iPad in HDTV View

VMware View Client for Android
Last but not least, we have our new VMware View Client for Android. We have spent a lot of time on the Android client to help provide a better user experience whether you are using a low resolution Android device or the latest Honeycomb tablets.

Taking advantage of the action bar on Honeycomb tablets, we can provide a more discoverable way to take advantage of the great features in Android client.

7 - Android New Honeycomb Menus

In addition to the user interface improvements for the Android client, we are making it easier to get on popular devices. In addition to the Google’s Android Marketplace and Cisco’s AppHQ, the VMware View Client for Android will soon be available in the Amazon Appstore for Android. Watch this blog for updates!  This will make it easy for Amazon Kindle Fire users to download the VMware View Client and use it on their Kindle Fire like I have been doing for weeks now!

8 - Kindle Fire Home Screen

We are really excited about these four new VMware View clients and hope you can take advantage of them to extend VMware View to even more of your employees.

We look forward to your feedback.

Happy holidays from the VMware View Clients team!

19 thoughts on “New VMware View Clients for the Holidays – Mac, Linux, iPad and Android!

  1. Robinson Maureira

    About the Linux client, it’ll be Ubuntu only? What about the rest of us in a more RedHat-ish land?
    Best regards.

  2. Robin Majumdar

    And the lack of a view client for RIM Blackberry / Playbook speaks volumes, unfortunately.
    Looking forward to testing it on my Android 2.3 Galaxy Samsung S…
    Would also like to see a Windows Phone (Mango 7.5) viewer perhaps… please? 🙂

  3. Bryan

    The hyperlink for the Mac download site is wrong. The visible text is correct, but the hyperlink points to the main View page.

  4. Keilor

    Any news about an iphone client?
    So far, we need to use 3rd party apps to do the task! It would be excellent to have a native client from vmare.

  5. Dag Kvello

    Hmm, Ubuntu 🙂
    Would be nice to try and compile this for the Nokia N9 (also debian based). With 720p video out and a BT mouse/kb it would be a great little helper.

  6. Alex

    I can’t find any bugtraq or anything for this product yet. Running 11.10 32bit (would prefer a amd64 version, but beggers and choosers, right?) and it will not stop tripping my generic Avocent 1×2 KVM. If I minimize the view window, works fine. Anything else and it just trips right away.
    I suspect it has something to do with numlock state… but I cant prove anything.

  7. Android apps development

    I should say that this is a great article.
    As an Android user I very much appreciate a piece devoted to my chosen platform. The competition between iOS and Android should get very interesting in 2012, and I look forward to more insightful journalism like this!

  8. Marcus Moeller

    Please provide a Distribution independent version (for i686 and x86_64). Making it easy to install it on Ubuntu is one thing, but Ubuntu != Linux (only one distribution based around the Linux kernel).

  9. G

    Linux client still not available in the software center…
    Just to emphasis on Marcus comment… Ubuntu != Linux

  10. Andreas

    Linux Client is available via “ubuntu partner pool” repo and works also on RedHat clones (openssl 0.9.8 required).
    Multiple view sessions and the switch between full screen and resizable windows are great new features.
    My wishlist:
    * USB redirect
    * localisation
    * sourcecode for individual changes
    * the PCoIP libraries as binaries for X86- and x86_64-based platforms

  11. C

    The Android client is specifically tailored to use with an onscreen keyboard with additional functions of a mouse provided on the top. If I try using this with a paired physical keyboard and mouse, it does not work as intended – i.e. there is no control over the virtual desktop using the paired bluetooth mouse (although the keyboard instructions seem to be transmitted appropriately. It would also help if I do not have to see the on screen aids and if the desktop scales appropriate to the out put display. Currently I am having to scroll on my connected screen to view the entire desktop as opposed to the desktop scaling automatically to the connected display – more of a resolution issue I guess as the client seems to be replicating the tablet resolution on to the connected display!

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