Cisco VXC Clients with VMware View — Check them out!

Oct 21, 2011
Tony Huynh


Tony works on the Horizon product management team and is responsible for Horizon platform and infrastructure services.

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By Tony Huynh, End-User Computing, VMware

This week at VMworld Copenhagen, Cisco showcased several new Virtual Experience Clients (VXC) that will be supported with VMware View.  This is the first of several strategic offerings that VMware and Cisco are bringing to market.  VMware and Cisco collaborated to take the virtual desktop experience to the next level, with a solution that is highly scalable and offers high fidelity voice and video communications.

Cisco_vxc_6215The new solution allows both companies to address the needs of a broader user base, from task workers all the way to power users.  While task workers generally perform a pre-defined set of tasks, power users generally use their virtual desktops for computing and real-time communications across a variety of devices. 

The Cisco VXC 6215 is a Linux based thin client that will support VMware View desktops.  The Cisco VXC 4000 is a software appliance that will work with VMware View desktops and allow customers using repurposed PCs to have VoIP capability.

In addition to supporting the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator (CUPC) client, the VXC 6215 client will also support the Cisco Unified Communications Integration (CUCI) with Lync (CUCILync), which allows customers to utilize Microsoft Lync server for Presence and Instant Messaging (IM) and use Cisco UC infrastructure for VoIP and video telephony calls.  The VXC 6215 performs all the media processing for both CUPC and CUCILync on the thin client device; the resulting solution is highly scalable and provides rich voice and video communications.

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