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What do customers think about VMware View 5

Having worked on the View 5 launch over the last few months and as a day-to-day user of a View 5 desktop, I can spend hours telling you about what’s awesome about it. From the bandwidth improvements in the PCoIP protocol, protocol session statistics, 3D graphics support, Unified Communications integration and Persona Management, there are lots of enhancements to make my experience better while also making it easier for VMware IT to support me.  Also, with PCoIP continuity services I can step into an elevator and be connected as I step out, because my View desktop is intelligent enough to automatically reconnect my session in poor network areas.

But don’t take my word for it… What is more meaningful to you is what customers, companies like yours, have to say about View 5. We did some research with TechValidate to our View 5 beta customers to capture their feedback and share what they had to say.

Here are some examples:

  • “VMware View has allowed us to do more with less, and specifically in a time where money is tight.”
  • “VMware View allows smooth roaming of session for clinicians, which improves efficiency by eliminating the need of repeatedly signing into systems while moving from workstation to workstation.”

See what more customers are saying about their return on investment using View – some achieved an ROI of 100-300%! Understand the business cases that drove your peers to adopt our desktop virtualization solution and maybe it will also be applicable to you.

Are you already using VMware View? Tell us what you think!