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VMware Boot Camp Day 2 – Storage Deep Dive

Today we unleash part 2 of our FREE 9-part boot camp training series. As a reminder, these our on demand sessions.  So, if you missed yesterday's overvew, go here for more info. Today's session takes a deep dive into storage… 

Storage Deep Dive – Considerations and Best Practices
Join Jim Yanik, Sr. Systems Engineer, VMware for an overview of how to design your storage infrastructure to fit your View VDI environment. Special focus is given to sizing and workload considerations.  Trust me, this is good stuff that will help you jump start deployments. So check it out here!


Our Boot Camp series provides an opportunity to get your questions answered. Our VDI experts will be on theView bootcamp community pages throughout the course of the July bootcamp to answer any questions and jump in any discussions that come up. 

Customers and partners can also register to receive a FREE e-book which is a collation of all of the presentations used during the bootcamp.

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