Employee Experience

Helpful tool for View admins

As a View developer, I spend a lot of time accessing remote desktops using the vSphere client and I don't really use 95% of the vSphere client's features.  As a result, I tend to do what I can to avoid launching the bulky vSphere client, especially given that I need to launch 1 instance per VC server.

To help with this process, today we released a "fling", VMware Boomerang, which gives you the ability to easily perform a few operations with various vSphere servers.  It runs in the background, remembers your credentials (if you opted into it), and is available for on-demand access to remote desktops.  You also can mark certain VMs as favorites in case you have a lot of servers that you are managing and only a few that you really use.

In my daily administration of my View test servers and agents, this tool helps save me a lot of time.  Boomerang keeps track of the subset of vSphere servers that I care about and I have a few favorites that represent the VMs that I interact with on a daily basis.  When I need access to a console to the remote desktop, I simply access the UI from the lower-right corner of my screen, select my VM, and click Connect.


So give it a try and let me know what you think!