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Android Tablets Now Have an Awesome View, VMware View

By Tedd Fox, Senior Product Manager, Mobile Clients, End-User Computing

We are excited to announce the availability of VMware View™ Client for Android on the Android Market today and Cisco AppHQ (quick update as of 7/15 — Our Cisco Cius client is ready to go and will be available at time of the Cius launch) as a VMware tech preview. Like our popular View Client for iPad, our free Android client enables people to access their virtual Windows desktops, applications and data from anywhere.


The focus of our mobile client strategy is to deliver simple, usable, and powerful applications that help people embrace a new way to work. The growing popularity of tablets in business presents an opportunity for enterprise IT organizations to empower their mobile workforces by providing anytime access to business critical apps on the go. Today, with the release of VMware View Client for Android, our customers can now access their desktops on the two most popular platforms for tablet devices on the planet, iPad and Android.

View Client for Android Features
We have received a tremendous amount of positive response from our first mobile client. In fact, thanks to our customers View Client for iPad quickly became the number one free business app on the Apple AppStore within hours of launch. Today, our iPad app continues to be in the top 20. As gratifying as its been to receive great feedback on our iPad client, we didn’t stop there. We have been busy incorporating new features and updates based on your suggestions. You will see some of these refelected in the new View Client for Android and in future client releases.

Just a few of the awesome VMware View Client for Android features include:

  • A new look and feel – The View Client for Android features the NEW blue look and feel of the VMware View clients!
  • Multiple broker support – If you have more than one VMware View broker in your organization, you can can easily access your desktop from all of them via the Android client
  • Desktop Shortcuts – Quickly connect with as many as four recent desktop via shortcuts
  • Virtual trackpad – Control your desktop on a granular level just like you would control the mouse on a laptop
  • Custom keyboard toolbar – Super easy access to all of the special keys not found on the Android default keynboard 
  • Honeycomb 3.x support – Made from the ground up for the new generation of Android tablets
  • Custom gestures – Invoke keyboard, scrolling, etc are as easy as ever and simple to use
  • VMware View Security Server support (best experience) – No need to have VPN when you use VMware View Security Server 
  • Background tasking – Switch between apps on your tablet and come right back

Rather than read through our list of features, check out the short overview video:


You can download View Client for Android in the Android Market. Give it a try! We welcome your feedback in our discussion forum. Also follow this blog for updates on the full release of the VMware View Client for Android.

Additional screenshots can be found on Flickr here.

7 thoughts on “Android Tablets Now Have an Awesome View, VMware View

  1. Arc4ang3l

    Are there any plans to allow the iPad/Android View client use the tablets camera and microphone? So far that appears to be the only real shortcoming of either offering.

  2. Tedd Fox

    Love the awesome feedback and the question.
    The tablet form factor lends itself to a whole host of new use cases and we are looking at ways we can leverage cameras and microphones in future releases. The trick is to come up with an elegant way to do this in the Android market where there are a whole host of various form factors and firmware flavors.
    Keep the ideas coming.

  3. Mike

    No love for Gingerbread? My whole point in getting an Atrix was to be able to use my VDI through the multimedia doc…now i’m stuck waiting for Motorola’s upgrade cycle…dang!!!!

  4. Chuck

    I have been trying this out on the Xoom and I really enjoy the Android client. I have connected Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and an HDMI monitor via the micro HDMI connector.
    Mouse and keyboard are working pretty well. Noticed a hiccup or 2 with the keyboard bar has to be open to accept key presses from the keyboard.
    Video playback and sound is pretty decent. The VM is responsive and responds like a local PC.
    Recommended enhancements are better mouse integration. I would like to replace the need for my laptop and PC, but need to make a mouse be usable like it is done from a Windows agent. Need to allow the Windows mouse cursor to follow the Android mouse cursor. Also need to integrate the right mouse button and the scroll wheel functionality.
    If you add these capabilities, I will not need to carry a heavy laptop around anymore.
    Keep up the great work!

  5. Straal

    I would love to try it but I cannot get it installed on my Archos 101 tablet which run the latest version of firmware. It states my device is not compatible with the app. However reading the requirements that is not true. Is there another way of getting the app as I now get stuck on Android Market not letting me download the app.

  6. Clement

    I am migrating to Android. I would like to get some view on a good Android device which perform well with VMware.
    Factors of importance to me:
    1) Battery life
    2) VMware compatibility 😉 & MANY THANKS…
    3) I adopt “Enough is Good Enough” policy. So a big screen single core would be my priority should it work well with VMware.
    4) Good UI would be an advantage
    Currently, I am looking at HTC or SUMSUNG device. Hope to get a good feedback from here.
    Thank you.

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