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VMware Labs Fling — ThinApped vSphere Client

Back in March VMware Labs released this Fling.  We thought it was worth pointing to again. Jonathan Clark from VMware gives a demo of the VMware ThinApp version of the popular VMware vSphere Client. This VMware Labs Fling uses VMware ThinApp to package vSphere Client into a single portable EXE giving you instant access to your virtual infrastructure from any computer.

VMware Thinapp clients are easy to install and port.  All it takes is copy/download the exe file and running on Windows machine, then connect to an existing vSphere server and you are all set to go. It is that easy!  To learn more visit http://labs.vmware.com/flings/thinapp-vsphere. 

ThinApp has been used by corporate administrators to deploy thousands of applications to millions of desktops. Use VMware ThinApp to create your own virtualized applications, for more information visit the VMware ThinApp page.