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VMware Horizon App Manager Feature Update – What’s New for June 2011?

Posted by Team Horizon

Wow — just a month since the May 17th debut of VMware Horizon App Manager and we are already adding more cool new features. How is that possible? Ah, the joys of SaaS… making it easier and faster for VMware to deliver value to you all the time. Come to think of it, it’s sort of like having Christmas all year round without the fruitcake. And from your “wish list” we have all sorts of fun stuff in the bag… let’s take a peek.

Horizon Add App –- Add your own web applications faster and easier than ever:
Horizon’s all about your cloud, and empowering IT to say, “We can do that!” to your management. Horizon Add App provides IT with the freedom to add applications directly into the catalog.

Add_app1 Add_app2

In short, it allows administrators to add or remove the web applications you want to the Horizon Application Catalog – build your own catalog – the sky’s the limit!  It’s fast and easy. Simply drag Horizon Add App to your browser’s bookmark list. Then, whenever you want to add an application to the Horizon App Catalog, just go to the application login page and click Horizon Add App. If you change your mind, make a mistake (or just had a bad hair day) Horizon Add App lets you delete any added applications just as quickly.


Improved easy-to-use, secure desktop single sign-on
This is a “one-two punch” feature. First, it allows administrators to tie Horizon App Manager access directly to an individual’s desktop and network credentials, ensuring secure access through Active Directory login. Simply specify how you want an employee to authenticate when they log into the Horizon workspace. Horizon App Manager will then direct user logins to the Horizon Connector and using Kerberos security – Pow! Now employees only need to remember their network login. This makes it faster and easier for them to access t their apps and a lowers password management costs for IT.

This is particularly handy when you want to restrict access to Horizon.  You can require whatever secure multifactor authentication you want for network access and only allow the employees you support to reach the Horizon workspace after their secure network authentication.

But, don’t think this is a one-size-fits-all solution. If you want, Horizon can continue to apply anti-phishing security (encrypted cookie combined with confidence image and text) for employees logging in from outside the network. They simply enter their username and password and are presented with their confidence image and text. When an employee accesses Horizon from unregistered devices, they are prompted to answer their security questions in addition to entering their passwords. Individuals can register devices in order to log in without security questions, and they can unregister devices if needed. Again, it’s all about your cloud, and the power to say, “we can do that!”

Broadest Browser Support Available!
We just made it even easier for your employees to access their apps. Horizon App Manager now supports all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, on Windows 7, Windows XP, and even Mac OS X. Simple, easy and seamless – access your cloud apps on your terms. 

We won’t stop here. We have more in store for you in next month’s update.  We also welcome any “wish list” features from you so please keep them coming…

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