VMware Horizon

Comparing View 4.6 vs. XenDesktop 5.0

People often ask, “What are advantages does VMware View have vs. competitive solutions.” While we believe that there are several, one area that often gets sited by customers is how much easier VMware View is for IT to manage and deploy at scale.  To illustrate the differences, we created a series of short videos that highlights the simplicity of managing and deploying desktops using VMware View vs. Citrix XenDesktop. The following four videos walk through common/day-to-day tasks most IT administrators work on:

Creating a master image for deployment – This takes only 16 seconds using VMware View


Deploying a virtual desktop pool – VMware View uses a single console, runs a single wizard and the virtual desktops are placed nicely in a folder specified by the administrator



Add/remove a virtual desktop from a pool – This is just a single step with View



Deleting a virtual desktop pool – Again, one simple, automated step using View.


We know that time spent managing desktops means less time focused on innovation and future projects. Therefore, we want to make deploying and patching desktops as easy and intuitive as possible, with simple one-step processes for the most common tasks.