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Getting to know Horizon App Manager: 3 videos

Thanks for all the congratulations and kind words around today’s Horizon App Manager launch — we’re excited as well! Here are three videos that will give you an insight into the functionality, benefits, ease of use, as well as the broader implications of VMware Horizon.

VMware Horizon App Manager Overview

VMware’s Noah Wasmer gives a brief overview of Horizon App Manager, how it can extend access to cloud-based applications to users in your enterprise, and how easy it is to set up. Watch the video on YouTube.

Box.net and VMware discuss Cloud and SaaS services in the enterprise

Aaron Levie, CEO of Box.net, discusses Horizon App Manager with Noah, and how it can use open standards to change the game how companies use cloud-based applications like Box.net. Watch the video on YouTube.

Discussing Horizon and VMware’s end user computing strategy with Robert Scoble

Noah also sat down with Robert Scoble to discuss Horizon App Manager and how VMware is helping define the new way to work in the enterprise. See the post at Building 43.

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