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Gartner’s Brian Gammage Joins the VMware End-User Computing Team


Posted by Chris Young
Vice President and General Manager, VMware End-User Computing

Thus far, 2011 has proven to be an exciting time for VMware’s End-User Computing business unit. Today is no exception.  I am pleased to announce that Brian Gammage has joined the VMware EUC team in newly created role of Chief Market Technologist.  In this role, Brian will work closely with our customers and our product teams to define the customer journey to a modern end-user computing model that leverages cloud computing to securely deliver access to applications and data from any device, where and when a user needs it.

Brian joins us from Gartner, where he served as a Vice President and Senior Fellow advising commercial and government organizations on effective client computing strategies, technologies and architectures.  Since 2004, he led Gartner's research efforts looking into the impact of virtualization technology on client computing. Specifically, his work examined the business implications and transformative changes brought about by decoupling the software environment we work in from the hardware.  Overall he has more than 25 years IT sector experience, having also worked at HP, Olivetti Systems and Acorn Computers.

As we head into VMworld, we will be telling you more about how VMware’s vision for End-User Computing offers people a new way to work.  Knowing Brian, I am sure that he will have a thing or two to say along the way.