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VMware View and VMware ThinApp Updates!

The VMware End-User Computing team is happy to announce the general availability of VMware View 4.6 and VMware ThinApp 4.6.1.

VMware View 4.6

While View 4.6 is considered a minor update, I am actually very excited about the new capabilities we have baked in to this version of our award winning desktop virtualization solution. Among the minor bug fixes and USB updates, View 4.6 delivers enhancements to View Security Server.  VMware View 4,6 now provides support for external end-users connecting to their View desktop via PCoIP across the WAN. This new support provides for a simple, secure remote connection and authentication as users connect to their desktops outside of the firewall.

With this new native support, View Security Server provides an end-to-end PCoIP protocol session, and also removes the requirement for enterprise-class SSL VPNs (you can still use them with View and PCoIP if that’s what you have in your environment). For businesses this means reduced desktop virtualization infrastructure cost and configuration issues along with lower ongoing support costs. The result is a tightly-integrated and cost-effective desktop virtualization deployment that provides for easy authentication for those of us who work remotely. We think you will agree – it provides a vastly improved remote user experience. 

More details about what we’re delivering with the PCoIP/Security Server integration can be found in this post from Mark Benson, View Architect from our CTO office.

Mark also pulled together this great video, which goes deeper into the technical specifics of the PCoIP/Security Server enhancements in View 4.6.

 And as if Mark hasn’t been busy enough, he pulled together this great blog post on Setting up PCoIP Remote Access with View 4.6.

You’ll also find a write up here from Scott Davis, CTO for End-User Computing.

The View 4.6 bits can be downloaded here.

VMware ThinApp 4.6.1

VMware ThinApp 4.6.1 improves packaging for Microsoft Office 2010. We are seeing businesses adopt ThinApp as they look to migrate to Windows 7.  VMware ThinApp packages applications into single executables that run completely isolated from each other and the operating system for conflict-free execution on end-point devices.  Visit the ThinApp blog to see what Jonathan Clark, Principal Engineer for ThinApp, has to say about the 4.6.1 release and download the latest bits here.

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