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Woot! View 4.5 Selected as an eWeek 2010 Product of the Year!

Here at VMware, we're used to raking in a lot of awards.  But every now and then one comes along that you've gotta stand up and shout about.  We're a little extra chuffed over this one:

eWeek 2010 Product of the Year: VMware View 4.5

Aside from the fun of rubbing award season elbows with the likes of the Apple iPad, what's extra gratifying here is the very hard work that went into this release coupled with the broad validation of exactly what we were trying to accomplish:

VMware View 4.5 showed that it is possible to operate a secure, manageable and scalable virtual desktop infrastructure in 2010.

It's commonly asserted that the industry is near a key tipping point where desktop virtualization moves from niche to mainstream.  And let's not kid ourselves, many debate whether that point is here today, or still a year or two out.  With View 4.5, we set out to make sure that the broad promise of secure, manageable and scalable VDI really could become a reality for a much broader range of organizations in 2010.  Many on the team worked heads down on the release for over two years to make that vision possible; many customers provided us invaluable feedback and guidance along the way.

Thanks everyone who helped make View 4.5 what it is today!

Thanks eWeek for recognizing that the future is now, and that View 4.5 plays a big role in getting us here.

– The View 4.5 Product Team