Employee Experience

View Into The Federal Government

by Pam Takahama – Sr. Product Marketing Manager

We focus a lot of our product marketing efforts around understanding the key use cases and business requirements of the VMware View target markets.

Take for example, the U.S. federal government sector; a highly dynamic and complex IT environment driven by rigorous security and compliance standards and a vast but decentralized workforce. When you consider the  diverse desktop requirements  of the modern federal workforce including teleworkers, disaster recovery teams and forward deployed military personnel, it becomes clear a highly dynamic IT approach is needed.

There are a few key events like last winter’s shutdown of Washington D.C. due to storms, the global H1N1 virus scare and federal IT modernization mandates which are driving IT to shift their thinking from a “device centric” world towards one focused more on “end-users”.  In a device centric environment users are tied to one device and find it difficult to access their desktop from other devices and locations such as from a home machine.  With the limitations of the traditional "device centric" model end-users are not empowered.

A user centric world enable greater efficiencies, empowerment and increased productivity; exactly what future public servants expect to be enabled in their jobs.  Think snowstorm. And think about providing agency workers real-time, secure access to familiar agency-standard resources via a VMware View desktop they can access from home, a remote office or even aboard ships or portable office pods!

It is very exciting to see federal IT—typically late adopters —take such a pro-active interest in VMware View over the past couple of years. The buzz was loud and clear at the recent San Francisco VMworld event! The end-user computing journey is just that…a journey. And desktop virtualization is the first big step federal IT is taking towards modernizing and better enabling their diverse workforce which ultimately improves service levels to citizens. We are committed to that journey and to an ongoing collaborative effort between our product team and the federal end-user community.