VMware View 4.5 Is Open For Business

Sep 9, 2010


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We’re back from a busy VMworld
2010 San Francisco
last week where we launched VMware View 4.5.  The excitement was apparent from the activity
that we saw in our demo pods and attendance in the desktop sessions.  I like to think that most if not all of
the 17,000+ attendees got exposed to View 4.5 in some fashion which may not be
all that far fetched considering that we were in the Keynote and behind every
lab station in the hands on labs. 
In fact, the View 4.5 labs were some of the most popular of the
show.  If you missed all of the
action, registered users should be able to check out the videos on vmworld.com and if you have any stories
around View from VMworld leave them in the comments below.

Today I’m happy to announce that the View 4.5 release is now
available for download on vmware.com.  With this release VMware is proud to be
delivering the first solution to enable online as well as offline access to
virtual desktops enabling solutions for mobile employees as well as
organizations that want to support BYOPC/Contractor IT use cases.  In addition this release includes
features to enhance user experience, simplify management and includes
integration with vSphere 4.1.  You
can read more about the features of View 4.5 in last week’s post on the View
as well as a more technical look from the View
Point Blog

We’re also happy to note that Chris Wolf of the Burton Group
has already deemed View 4.5 as being an enterprise ready platform meeting 100%
of the criteria for Server-Hosted Virtual Desktop requirements.  Chris put out a blog
covering the View 4.5 release and you can read more in the report
(subscription required) on the Burton site.

If you’re already a View customer with current SnS (Support
and Subscription Services) you can download the new release from the website
.  Those who are not yet
customers but are interested in checking out what 4.5 has to offer can sign up
for the free 60
day evaluation
and of course it’s available for purchase form the VMware Store or by
contacting your VMware sales team or partner.

Since we launched View 4.5 last week there has been a lot of
activity across the web with people covering the announcement.  Below are some of the highlights from
the publications, partners, websites and blogs that we came across.  As people get hands on with the release
I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more coverage so be sure to check back for
updates and share your experiences and feedback below.  In addition you can keep up with VMware
View related news and activity by following @vmwareview on Twitter.

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