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VMware View Hits The Road

VMware Express
The VMware Express was unveiled today at the 2010 Partner Exchange in Las Vegas, NV and I have to say that we here on the View team are very excited to see it hit the road.  As you can probably tell from the picture above, the VMware Express is a big truck but it’s not your normal everyday rig.  Oh no…  this one is chock full of all kinds of VMware goodness.  The VMware Express  is a datacenter and demo environment on wheels and it will be crossing the U.S. and Canada over the next year letting you, our customers get hands on with the latest and greatest technologies in your own back yard.

A good deal of the demos are dedicated to the VMware View solution which is why we’re so excited to see it hit the road. We hope that you’re as excited as we are about this and we look forward to hearing your experiences and feedback as it stops at a location near you.  For more information on the VMware Express see the post here. It has a nice overview of the View demos you'll be able to see:

VMware View

  • Best User Experience – Highlighting the power of the
    PCoIP display protocol to deliver a rich user experience, perfectly
    adapted for the network connection and end-point device.

  • Follow-Me Desktop – Enabling immediate access
    to desktops, applications and data while ensuring a consistent user
    experience across sessions and endpoint devices.

  • Access Across Boundaries – Providing access to desktops, applications and data anytime, anywhere regardless of network availability.

  • Windows 7 Migration – Reducing the costs and complexity associated with desktop and application migration.