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SRM and View

Tommy Walker, Global Desktop Architect with VMware has been working with EMC to produce some documentation on how to implement SRM with View. Below is the culmination of all that hard work. Thank you Tommy and EMC!


Disaster recovery for VMware View is a topic that is often discussed as desktop virtualization enables many options that are not present in the physical world.  Whenever someone thinks of disaster recovery and VMware they immediately think of VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager as a tool to help them achieve this.  Currently VMware View and SRM are not compatible out of the box.  EMC and VMware have been working on both manual processes and now a fully scripted approach to delivering this solution.  The attached links will lead you to a blueprint for walking through the process and soon the scripts to test this in your own environment.


This is an advanced series of steps and scripting so please test in a non-production environment.  This is in the early stages of development and there will continue to be enhancements in both SRM and View to allow tighter integration.  This is just one example of how these technologies can work together using multiple recovery plans and augmented scripting work flows.


http://www.vdi.com/upload_desc.php?user=57&upid=38   Blueprint PDF