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View Thin Client Feature Matrix

I keep getting asked this question and it’s a tough one to answer. It really depends on the Thin Client OS. So in looking around and asking around, my German co-hort Christoph Dommermuth came up with this fantastic matrix. So here you go!

View Client for Windows
W2k Xppro Xpe Vista
USB Redirection x x x
Multimedia Redirection x x x
Virtual Printing x x x x
CAC/ Smart Card x x x x
Broker SSL tunneling x x x x
Broker direct mode x x x x
Java JRE
RDP Included in the OS, 
6.x is the best choice due to performance reasons
View for Linux View Open Client View Web-Access
Windows Linux Mac
USB Redirection 3.1
Multimedia Redirection 3.1 x
Virtual Printing
CAC/ Smart Card 3.1 3.1
Broker SSL tunneling x x x x x
Broker direct mode x x x x x
Browser Internet Explorer Firefox Firefox or Safari
Java JRE 1.5 or 1.6 1.5 or 1.6
RDP rdesktop rdesktop OS integrated rdesktop RDC 2.0
Additional Information Only from certified
TC vendors
Administrative rights needed for installation