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The Next stage in a growing partnership – VMware at Google Cloud Next 2019

Google Cloud Next 2019 is one of the world’s leading cloud development events. As such, it’s the perfect occasion to announce significant developments in our partnership with Google, spanning end user computing and public cloud.

We have a longstanding partnership with Google, that goes back to working together on security and management for Chrome Books in the enterprise. From there, our relationship has grown, ensuring that our customers have access to leading technology in both their digital workspaces and cloud deployments.

We’re therefore delighted to be supporting Google with Anthos, its new multi-cloud platform, by integrating VMware NSX Service Mesh and VMware SD-Wan by VeloCloud. The former will allow customers to run distributed, cloud-native applications across Google Cloud and on-premises environments, while the latter helps to extend SD-WAN from branch offices or retail stores to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for Google Cloud service or workload access.

During Google Cloud Next 2019, attendees got to see the two integrations in action. Using the example of a global retail customer wanting to migrate applications to Google Cloud while growing the business and adding more stores, the team talked through how both integrations help it achieve its goals. You can read about how VMware and Google use VMware NSX Service Mesh in a similar use case on the VMware NSX Service Mesh Integration Blog, while over on the VMware SD-Wan by VeloCloud blog there’s more detail on how it securely extends on-premises infrastructure to GCP.

This all fits with our commitment to offering customers consistent infrastructure and operations for both hybrid cloud and native public cloud environments. As Pere Monclus, vice president and CTO of the Networking & Security Business Unit at VMware said, “Anthos integrated with VMware NSX Service Mesh will empower customers to cost effectively digitize their businesses, leveraging modern cloud-native and open-source technologies to build new applications and services quickly.”

That’s the cloud. When it comes to supporting end-users, the focus is on how both Google and VMware can support customers to secure their devices, end-point and applications in a way that doesn’t hinder their adoption of the right foundations for their digital initiatives. We’re doing this through a deeper integration of VMware Workspace One and Google Cloud.

It’s a bringing together of our leadership in unified end-point management (UEM) and Google’s BeyondCorp architecture that has had such a radical impact on how organizations approach IT security. James Millington, director of product marketing at VMware, said it best in a post announcing the solution: “With this integration, VMware and Google Cloud customers will be able to leverage existing investments in both platforms to enable devices to be under control and compliant to protect data. As the BeyondCorp approach is to never trust and always verify, Workspace ONE will continually feed the compliance status information to Google Cloud’s context-aware access engine, allowing access to be revoked at any time a device becomes non-compliant.”

Our customers have a multitude of technology requirements, all being driven by different business objectives. They all want the widest choice of the best solutions in the market. Partnering with Google Cloud delivers exactly what those enterprises need as they embrace multi-cloud and seek to deliver positive experiences for their employees, while remaining secure and compliant.


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