Customer Success Technical Account Management (TAM)

VMware Advocate, Guru and Coach–All in One

Does having all of those descriptions in one person sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! VMware’s Technical Account Management Services are designed to help customers accelerate time to value of their VMware products and solutions. The superheroes who do this great work are VMware’s Technical Account Managers (TAMs). They live and breathe customer success. They advocate on their customers’ behalf, provide guidance with VMware’s products and offer recommendations for expanding skills. Indeed, they are advocate, guru, and coach all in one.

Though “technical” is in their title, TAMs understand the human side of customer service. They act as true advocates within VMware on their customers’ behalf. In fact, Technical Account Managers are so invested in customer success that they partner with customers to become an extension of their team.

TAMs have deep technical expertise. Many of them hold VMware and third-party certifications that demonstrate their knowledge with various technologies. In short, they’re true gurus. TAMs are maniacally focused on helping organizations accelerate technology adoption, optimize operations and realize cost savings. Part of their role is to help with risk mitigation. TAMs perform health checks, assess people/process/technical readiness, and offer guidance to plan for technology upgrades.

TAMs collaborate with customers to develop success strategies based on industry-specific best practices and measure against industry benchmarks to gauge progress. By partnering with customers, TAMs truly embrace the role of coach to accelerate customer ROI on their VMware technology investments.

TAMs are like having an advocate, guru and coach all in one. Leveraging their experience and technical expertise, TAMs help their customers keep their VMware environment running optimally.

Customers who have TAMs love them! Learn more about how VMware Technical Account Management Services can help your organization. Contact your VMware Sales Representative who can help you get started with your all-in-one advocate, guru, and coach.


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