App Modernization

App and Cloud Modernization [2-Minute Video]

If your organization wasn’t “born in the cloud,” you likely have a portfolio consisting of hundreds and thousands of apps that were built over many years and are hosted on a variety of platforms. Some of your apps may be on-premises and some may be cloud-based. How do you simultaneously modernize your app portfolio and cloud infrastructure? Take a look at this short video.

The first step to app and cloud modernization is to understand which capabilities you need to strengthen across the following:

  • Modern infrastructure: Determine IT capabilities across cloud infrastructure, whether it is public, private, or multi-cloud.
  • Modern platforms: Assess the use of platforms that reduce app complexity, accelerate application deployment, and enable apps to operate on diverse data sets.
  • Digital enterprise: Evaluate how well IT and development teams can support modern software development, modernization methodologies, and app management across any cloud.


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