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  • ESXi 7.0 Update 1 now includes NIC driver for Intel NUC 10

    With the upcoming release of vSphere 7.0 Update 1 and specifically ESXi 7.0 Update 1, support for the onboard NIC of the Intel NUC 10 (Frost Canyon) is now included and the community ne1000 VIB driver is no longer needed. If you had previously installed the community driver, you can uninstall the VIB after successfully [...]

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    Published on 2020-09-21 | Time 15:04:44

  • [HorizonAPI]Finding VDI or RDS machines based on wrong/old Golden Image

    One of the first thing I did years ago when I first learned of the Horizon API’s was to start working on the vCheck for Horizon as I at that point was managing a Horizon 6.2* environment with lots of pools and lots of issues. With the vCheck I didn’t... Continue Reading

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    Published on 2020-09-19 | Time 12:53:00

  • Deploying Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters on vSphere 7

    This post will focus on deploying Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) clusters in your vSphere 7 with Tanzu environment. These TKG… The post Deploying Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters on vSphere 7 appeared first on The IT Hollow.

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    Published on 2020-09-09 | Time 14:15:00

  • Create a Content Library for vSphere 7 with Tanzu

    In this post we’ll setup a vSphere Content Library so that we can use it with our Tanzu Kubernetes Grid… The post Create a Content Library for vSphere 7 with Tanzu appeared first on The IT Hollow.

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    Published on 2020-09-08 | Time 14:15:00

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OSGi-Specific Best Practices for Developing your HTML Based vSphere Client Plug-in


This post was authored by Ina Uzunova, Product Owner of HTML Client SDK, and Vladimir Velikov, HTML Client SDK Engineer. In vSphere 6.5 we have summarized and documented several key OSGi-specific best practices for developing your HTML based vSphere Client Plug-in. These best practices are available from chapter “Best Practices for Developing Extensions” in the official vSphere Read more...

VMware {code}


Need a roadmap for building, deploying, and managing your next-gen enterprise apps? VMware {code} has you covered. As a VMware {code} member you get: Community: An opportunity to submit enterprise development blog posts for an audience of 2 million VMware community members, and a subscription to the VMware {code} newsletter Access: An invitation to the Read more...

Building Our 2017 VMware {code} Developer Community Event Calendar


Over the past three weeks, we’ve talked to people at and around VMware about how they’d like to see VMware {code} grow and evolve next year. As part of this conversation, we’ve started to identify a range of events that are relevant to the VMware {code} developer community in one form or another and which Read more...

VMware {code} 2017 Roadmap: Your Input Needed!


Update 2016/11/04: Added more suggestions to the list. Our team is spending some time this week to work on our plans for next year. I put out a call yesterday via Twitter and on Slack for people to share their ideas and requests. Here’s what we heard back so far: Definitely a bigger hackathon event Read more...