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Get to know the 2018 Hackathon judges…

The annual VMworld Hackathon in Vegas is right around the corner on August 27th…

Mike DiPetrillo

The BlockChain theme will be judged by Mike DiPetrillo (@mikedipetrillo), the Senior Director of Blockchain Technologies at VMware. Mike has been at the forefront of many industry changing initiatives such as the launch of both x86 virtualization with ESX and cloud technologies. This theme is geared towards using the 4 main pillars of blockchain technologies to create something that the tech industry has never seen!

Boskey Savla


Boskey Savla (@boskey), VMware’s Product Marketing Manager, will be judging the Pivotal Container Service (PKS) theme this year. She is currently working on Cloud Native Applications and has many years of experience in Systems Engineering, Infrastructure Automation, and Dev-ops.

Valentina Alaria



The VMware Kurbernetes Engine will be judged by Valentina Alaria (@valealaria) this year. Valentina is currently working on Cloud Native Apps as a Director in Product Management at VMware. Prior to this, Valentina worked for subsidiaries of VMware, PLUMgrid Inc. and Nicira.


The open source serverless framework used in enterprise organizations known as Dispatch will also be a theme at this year’s Hackathon. Berndt Jung (@berndtj) is a Senior Manager of Engineering at VMware and will be judging alongside Mark Peek (@markpeek), a VMware Principal Engineer. The judges want to see what can be developed when integrating functions, events, API endpoints, and services with Dispatch.


Kyle Ruddy

Kyle Ruddy (@kmruddy) works as a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer in the Cloud Platform Business Unit at VMware. Kyle is currently working on vSphere automation, associated automation frameworks, and blogs when he has the chance. He will be judging the PowerShell theme and hopes to see participants using the task-based command-line shell and scripting language to automate their team to victory!


Steve Trefethen

Python, a programming language focused on code readability, is another Hackathon theme that will be judged by Senior Manager R&D, Steve Trefethen (@stevetrefethen). Bryan Wood and Samir Kadoo currently work at Amazon Web Services and will be judging the VMware Cloud on AWS theme. The final theme is open one with no judges identified yet.

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