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  • [HorizonAPI]Using the Datastore service (incl sizing calculation!)

    I was looking on my blog for information to use the datastore information using the Horizon api’s but couldn’t find it so here’s a post on that. This posts uses the soap api’s next time I’ll see what we can do with the REST api. Index List by host or... Continue Reading

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    Published on 2020-10-25 | Time 10:58:32

  • Automated network scripted installation of ESXi-Arm without SD Card

    A topic that I have been working on even before the release of the ESXi-Arm Fling is the ability to perform a network scripted installation (Kickstart) of ESXi-Arm for the Raspberry Pi (rPI) but doing so without the need of an SD Card plugged into the rPI itself. The latter point is critical as today, [...]

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    Published on 2020-10-23 | Time 14:50:49

  • Using PowerCLI and vSphere Tags to create/migrate HCX Mobility Groups to VMware Cloud SDDC

    If using your voice to create an HCX Mobility Group and initiate a migration to a VMware Cloud SDDC is not your thing, here is a more practical example using PowerCLI which includes HCX cmdlets that was introduced awhile back. Here are the 12 configurable variables that you will need to update based on your [...]

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    Published on 2020-10-21 | Time 20:19:15

  • Packer reference for PhotonOS Arm NFS Virtual Appliance using OVF properties for ESXi-Arm

    In case the title was not descriptive enough, I was curious if I could build an Arm Virtual Appliance (OVA) using OVF properties that would allow for all sorts of interesting guest customizations which I have blogged about before here, here, here and here using x86 PhotonOS as a reference implementation. My idea for this [...]

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    Published on 2020-10-21 | Time 16:01:45

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VMworld Hackathon: Meet the Judges


We are very happy to present to you the four judges who will be evaluating and scoring the 15 teams at the VMworld Hackathon this year: Lily Chang Lily Chang (LinkedIn) leads the VMware Strategic Transformation Office and SVM (VMware Sugon Joint Venture) Project Office. At VMware, Lily has successfully driven global scalability and growth Read more...

VMworld Hackathon Las Vegas Logistics Update


Are you getting excited yet? The 2017 edition of our VMworld Hackathon in Las Vegas this coming Monday is sold out (we may release a handful of additional seats the day of the event). The 15 team slots have all been claimed by now, and more than half of them are already fully staffed. As Read more...

Getting Started with the vSphere Automation SDK for Ruby


There has been another exciting open-sourced release in the vSphere Automation SDK lineup. This time, it is the vSphere Automation SDK for Ruby! That means it’s time for another blog post in our series on ‘Getting Started with the vSphere Automation SDKs’. The posts already available in the series so far are as follows: vSphere Read more...

{code}fest @ VMworld 2017


As hinted at a couple of weeks ago, what started out as a simple hackathon event at VMworld 2016 last year has grown into a four-day series of connected events: Welcome to VMworld {code}fest! Learn. Code. Connect. VMworld’s {code}fest is aimed at exposing and engaging those interested in developer and open source coding. Over the Read more...

VMworld Hackathon Training Session Prerequisites


As mentioned previously, we’ll be offering four pre-hackathon training sessions at VMworld in Las Vegas. In order to ensure attendees get the most out of these sessions, we wanted to share with you a number of prerequisites. Getting these thing in place before you arrive Monday evening will help accelerate the trainings and give everyone a Read more...