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  • Automating Workload Management on vSphere with Tanzu

    As promised, here is the complimentary solution to my existing Automated vSphere with Tanzu Lab Deployment Script, which will automatically deploy and configure the required infrastructure (vCenter Server Appliance, ESXi, vSAN and HAProxy VMs) so that you can quickly jump to enabling Workload Management on your vSphere Cluster. FYI: Ben Corrie, one of the Engineers [...]

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    Published on 2020-10-20 | Time 20:00:50

  • VMworld 2020 Demo – Voice activated workload migration to VMware Cloud SDDCs

    One of my favorite but also most stressful part of preparing for a VMworld session is creating the demos. Even with a "virtual" VMworld this year, I personally felt it was even more stressful than a physical VMworld. I have been presenting with Emad Younis for a number of years now and every year, we [...]

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    Published on 2020-10-19 | Time 17:40:52

  • Kubernetes on ESXi-Arm using k3s

    The tiny form factor of a Raspberry Pi (rPI) is a fantastic hardware platform to start playing with the ESXi-Arm Fling. You can already do a bunch of fun VMware things like running a lightweight vSAN Witness Node to setting up basic automation environment for PowerCLI, Terraform and Packer to running rPI OS as VM, [...]

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    Published on 2020-10-16 | Time 18:23:23

  • Installing VMware Tools on Raspberry Pi OS for ESXi-Arm

    Now that you have Raspberry Pi (rPI) OS running as a VM on ESXi-Arm, the next thing you will probably want to install is VMware Tools, especially useful to see the IP Address of your Guest if you are using DHCP and for enabling guest "soft" shutdown using the vSphere UI. Below are the instructions [...]

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    Published on 2020-10-15 | Time 16:31:18

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Fourth Quarter Slack Update


There has been lots of growth across the board over on our Slack since early August. Here’s the list of our largest channels, once again: Channels > 600 people #powercli Channels > 400 people #devops Channels > 300 people #nsx #vsphere Channels > 200 people #api-sdk-rest #cloud-native #photon #vcheck #vra #vro Channels > 100 people Read more...

October 5 Meetup: Kubernetes on Azure Hands-On


tThe teams are back from VMworld Europe, and our fall season event calendar is starting to fill. First up, we’re excited to support the Microsoft Azure Open Group for the first time and will be hosting them next week at HQ: Kubernetes on Azure Hands On! Thursday, October 5, 2017 6-9pm Prom C Cafeteria VMware HQ Read more...

VMworld Europe Hackathon: Watch the 5-Minute Clip on VMworld TV


We had a fantastic hackathon event last night! Thanks to all the teams for their hard work, and thanks to the VMworld TV crew for stopping by and capturing the atmosphere so very nicely. You can read up on some of the excitement by browsing the #VMworldHackathon hashtag on Twitter. If you’d like to see more Read more...

VMworld Europe Hackathon: Meet the Judges


Once again, we are thrilled to have gathered a stellar team of judges to help us pick the winning team at the hackathon in Barcelona Monday night. Jake Robinson Jake Robinson (@JakeRobinson, LinkedIn, GitHub) is passionate about automation and has been innovating at VMware for 4 years, serving as an automation architect, dev manager, and Read more...

VMworld Europe Hackathon Barcelona Logistics Update


Please note: This post will be continuously updated as more details are being finalized! We look forward to seeing you at the hackathon this coming Monday in Barcelona. The event is currently 100% booked. There is a slight chance we might be able to offer a few additional seats for either active participants and/or guests. Stay tuned! Please carefully review the information Read more...