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Feature Fridays Episode 112 – Tanzu as a Service on Dell VxRail with Cloud Director and Cloud Foundation

In this Feature Friday we discuss and demo the simple and rapid deployment of Tanzu-hosted Containers as-a-Service (CaaS) with VMware Cloud Foundation, secured by multi-tenancy with VMware Cloud Director on top of a VMware Cloud Foundation instance on VxRail.

This seems like the perfect solution, it is! Using Cloud Director multi-tenancy and simplifying deployment of tenant services over shared infrastructure and delivering Tanzu-based K8s CaaS means Cloud Providers can deliver innovative infrastructure and application services quickly with repeatability. How is this all accomplished? Through a jointly validated architectural specification, Dell Technologies and VMware have created a solution that offers CaaS, leveraging multi-tenant IaaS deployments, for container-based workloads across multi-clouds with VxRail and Cloud Foundation.

You can watch the Feature Friday and learn more about Tanzu aaS on VxRail with VMware Cloud Director & VMware Cloud Foundation in the Dell Partner Portal Knowledge Center.

Deploying the Cloud Foundation components with the VMware lifecycle manager and the Cloud Provider components with the Cloud Provider lifecycle manager means that a large amount of this specification can be automated and hence void of human error, repeatable and fast. The Tanzu reference architecture for VxRail is a tested and validated design, featuring an agile release cadence that ensures a consistent platform in aiding digital transformation. In addition to Tanzu Reference Architecture, Tanzu Data Services can be included in this validated solution for running SQL/NoSQL caching, messaging and analytics, addressing scaling and multiple data service use cases. Using Dell APEX you can build a local cloud service to migrate and modernize on Tanzu Standard and VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail, this is offered by Dell as a subscription based for OpEx efficiency and further financial models from Dell are available in addition to the Cloud Provider program points consumption.


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