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2022 VMware Explore Additional Enablement for our Cloud Providers

With 2022 VMware Explore US now in the rear view mirror, our VMware Cloud Provider community has gained a wealth of new knowledge and understanding about VMware’s vision of the multi-cloud universe. VMware sees the next generation of modern applications as being built using a cloud smart approach, with the aim of freeing developer, operations, and security teams from the chaos of the many choices they have to make using today’s ecosystem of tools, platforms, and clouds. 

But what does building applications using a cloud smart approach mean? It means that architecting, development, and lifecycle planning is done in a meaningful and purposeful way, using the right application components, tools and processes, the right clouds, and most importantly, the right unified platform that enables accelerated and consistent developer experiences, secure software supply chains, and unified applications management – no matter where the application ultimately ends up running.

Of course, there’s a lot to unpack from the long list of announcements that came out from VMware Explore around the cloud smart message. Between the announcements of VMware vSphere 8 and vSAN 8, VMware Aria for cross-cloud management, and VMware Tanzu solutions for modern application development, there are bound to be lots of follow up questions from our cloud provider partners on how they can implement and leverage these capabilities to further improve upon the services offered to their tenants starting or already on their cloud (smart) journey.

To help with this, there are several upcoming VMware vmLIVE sessions available to our partners through Partner Connect to discuss these important updates and announcements.  Here’s a quick view of upcoming sessions VMware will be providing that cloud providers can take advantage of to learn more about these new releases:

What’s new in vSphere 8

VMware delivers vSphere 8 this fall, which brings the benefits of cloud to on-premises workloads, supercharges performance through DPUs and GPUs, and accelerates innovation with an enterprise-ready integrated Kubernetes runtime.

vmLIVE – vSphere 8 Series: #1 Introducing the Enterprise Workload Platform

Sep 19 2022 3:00 PM GMT

vmLIVE – vSphere 8 Series: #2 How it Brings Benefits of the Cloud to On-Premises Workloads

Sep 26 2022 3:00 PM GMT

vmLIVE – vSphere 8 Series: #3 How it Helps Supercharge Workload Performance

Oct 4 2022 4:30 PM GMT

vmLIVE – vSphere 8 Series: #4 How it Helps Accelerate Innovation for DevOps

Oct 10 2022 4:30 PM GMT

What’s new in Aria

VMware Aria is the unified management platform that provides governance, automation, self-service and critical insights across your mult-cloud deployments, including across your modern application clusters and infrastructure.

vmLIVE – Introducing vCloud Suite+ and Aria Universal Suite

Oct 26 2022 3:00 PM GMT

What’s new in vSAN 8

Get a technical overview of new features and enhancements in the latest edition of VMware vSAN.  See the new features that simplifies operations, improves the efficiency of the data center, and drives rapid support resolution.

vmLIVE – A technical overview of what’s new in VMware vSAN 8

Sep 27 2022 3:00 PM GMT

What’s new in Tanzu

VMware Tanzu is the Kubernetes suite of application services that provide powerful capabilities to develop, deploy, and run Kubernetes at scale across any cloud, including public, private, hybrid, and sovereign clouds.

vmLIVE – Developing on Tanzu Application Platform

Sept 20 2022 3:00 PM GMT

vmLIVE – Vmware Application Catalog for Cloud Providers

Sept 22 2022 4:30 PM GMT

vmLIVE – Making Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters Developer Ready

Sept 29 2022 3:00 PM GMT

vmLIVE – Overview of Tanzu Application Platform

Oct 11 2022 3:00 PM GMT

vmLIVE – Selling the Value of Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations

Oct 11 2022 6:00 PM GMT

We hope to see you at one of these upcoming vmLIVE sessions, and look forward to building the next generation of cloud smart solutions together with you!


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